The Master's Golf Tournament is an annual event held in Augusta, Georgia, and draws in visitors from around the world. If you live in Augusta and own a house, renting it out during the tournament can be a lucrative opportunity. Here is a guide to renting your house out for the Master's Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia:

Determine the rental price: Research the average rental prices for homes in your area during the tournament to determine a fair price. You can also look at listings for similar homes in the area to get an idea of what other homeowners are charging.

Market your home: Advertise your home on various rental platforms, such as Airbnb or VRBO. You can also list your property on the Augusta National's official rental website. Make sure to include high-quality photos of your home and its amenities to attract potential renters.

Prepare your home: Make any necessary repairs and thoroughly clean your home before renting it out. Stock up on basic supplies, such as linens and toiletries, and provide clear instructions for renters on how to access the home and use its amenities.

Set up a rental agreement: Draft a rental agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, including the rental price, security deposit, and check-in and check-out times. Make sure both you and the renter sign the agreement.

Screen potential renters: To ensure the safety of your home and belongings, screen potential renters by requesting references and conducting background checks.

Provide local recommendations: Make your renters' stay as enjoyable as possible by providing recommendations for local restaurants, attractions, and transportation options. Some examples are the French Market Grille, Oliviana Bar Italiano & Pizzeria, and Takosushi.

Consider hiring a property management company: If you're not comfortable managing the rental process yourself, consider hiring a property management company to handle everything from advertising your home to screening renters and managing check-in and check-out.

Renting your house out during the Master's Golf Tournament can be a great way to earn extra income. With careful preparation and a little bit of research, you can ensure a smooth and successful rental experience for both you and your renters.


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